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The best and fastest way to contact Doggy Man’s Mobile Dog Grooming  is by telephone or text at 818. 349. 2887.

If you email for our dog grooming services, please include: your name, the type of dog(s), your cross streets, and your phone number, or fill out the form below!

Frequently Asked Questions

We come to your right to your door in our fully equipped mobile dog grooming van. Each dog is treated to a luxury mobile bath. Our mobile bus, features warm water with lots of shampoos so your doggy comes out squeaky clean and ready to play,

The best way to reach doggy man to book your mobile dog grooming appointment is via phone, or you can text.

Doggy Man’s Mobile Dog Grooming comes right to your door if you are located in Calabasas, Canoga Park, Encino, Hidden Hills, Northridge, Porter Ranch, Reseda, Tarzana, West Hills, and Woodland Hills

We do handle some biters and hard-to-handle doggies.  Each dog is judged individually, Doggy Man has had many good experiences working with tough dogs. 

Yes, your doggy does need shots, please consult with your veterinarian.  Doggy Man’s Mobile Grooming requires all puppies to have completed shots prior to grooming.

Yes Doggy Man’s Mobile Dog Grooming will bathe and remove the fleas from your doggy. Doggy Man will also suggest several ways to treat your home and prevent the recurrence of fleas.  If you supply the flea control product, we will apply it as well!   

Doggy Man’s Mobile Grooming has handled many dogs with a varity of different medical problems.  If the dog has a cast, our mobile groomer would advise against getting the cast wet. If your doggy has a ear problem we will keep the ears as dry ass possible.  If your doggy requires a special or prescription shampoo, as long as your supply it, our groomer will follow the directions on the package. If Doggy Man has any questions or reservations with regards to the doggy, Doggy Man will refer you to your vet.  

At this time Doggy Man’s Mobile Dog Grooming will refer you to your licensed vet for all medical needs.

Yes, Doggy Man does check the anal glands externally, a vet may do them internally.  If your doggy has an anal gland issues, Doggy Man can still bathe the dog, but refer you to your vet for all medically needs.